The Differential Diagnosis

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Hi, my name is Kimberley and welcome to my blog!

You may have scouted the farthest edges of the internet in search of a voice you can relate to, or perhaps you happened along my page unknowningly. Either way, I am happy you are here and I hope that you are here to stay. You see, I have wanted to create this blog for many years, but I've struggled with the idea of what I would write about and if it would make any difference to those who read it. All I knew was that I wanted to share my experiences, knowledge and resources with anyone who found themselves searching for answers.

I am currently in my second postgaduate year, working as a Junior House Officer in Queensland. Medicine was my greatest love in life; living and breathing by the mountain of textbooks and ward call shifts, but as it turns out 2021 had bigger plans for me. My fiancé and I were blessed with the most beautiful baby girl, Mia, and our lives quite literally changed in the blink of an eye. You always hear parents say, “You never love anything as much as your first child" or “There's no love quite like a mothers". I always undoubtedly knew that truth ran deep in these comments, but experiencing it first hand is a whole new crazy, exhausting and beautiful ball-game. So, I am here to write about all things doctor and motherhood in the hopes that you'll feel inspired in some way or can relate to my own experiences by living yours.

Stay tuned for more, and thank you again for dropping by!

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