June 10, 2021

Top 15 Newborn Must-Haves!

Planning for a baby can be a monumental task. You have to think of literally everything you could ever need, plausibly overthink a thing or two along the way and eventually acquire items based on colossal volumes of research and item review analysis. Sure I binge-watched a tonne of first-time mum YouTube videos, to begin with, but as it turns out it’s all in the experience. Now having a two-month-old baby, I have an excellent idea of what I would truly need for my next baby (at least for the newborn phase) - which might save the old bank account come round two. While listening to a 25-minute “newborn haul” video is a fabulous way to spend your final insomniac days of pregnancy, there’s nothing better than a semi-concise list you can screenshot. Think of it as reference material for your next trip to Baby Bunting. You might even find this helpful if your baby is already here, who knows!

So without further ado, let me introduce to you my holy grail, Top 15 Newborn Must-Haves!

Zip-up onesies. This is hands down my biggest newborn holy grail. When I originally went shopping for baby clothes, I would get wildly distracted by the cute bows and adorable matching tops and bottoms. Which is all well and fine, they certainly have their time to shine. But my goodness, if I had known how many spit up, blow out, and drool soaked outfits would hit the wash every single day... I would have purchased clothing a little differently to start with. When you drag your wearied body out of bed at 3 am for a dream feed, the last thing you feel like doing is fumbling around with 947 buttons or clips. I recollect my first week into motherhood, clipping the wrong sections of the onesie together FIVE times. I got so frustrated with this getup my baby was wearing, that I hurled it across the room, double swaddled her, and placed her back in bed. Zip-up onesies are a game-changer, get yourself a million of these and steer clear (if you can) of those adorable little clip-tastrophes. While you’re at it, make sure the onesies you do purchase have built-in mittens and footies. Those little hands and feet get mighty cold, and your little one won’t be able to scratch their faces this way. 

Burp cloths. This one might seem obvious, however, I did not consider this until a good friend of mine mentioned it in my final weeks of pregnancy. I grabbed myself a 12 pack of Terry Towelling Nappies from Big W and use them as burp cloths. They’re massive, catch everything, and are worth diamonds for a clean baby and clean onesies.

Large swaddles. Swaddling is so important during the newborn period. Babies (well, most) love to feel warm, secure, and snug - just like their ex-home in the womb. You can replicate this by swaddling. I purchased some large swaddles from Ollies Place and Kmart, and I have to say they’re both excellent quality, great thickness, and durable as hell. I’ve washed them about fifty times each with no sign of wearing out. Grab yourself some good quality swaddles and get practicing!

Dummies. If you have decided to give your baby a dummy for soothing purposes, I would highly recommend getting yourself a small stash (six plus). You lose dummies in the craziest of places (like behind the infant insert in the car seat or the dryer...) and babies love to spit them out onto the floor at the most inopportune times. Make sure you have plenty for the rotation or risk a major meltdown. I’ve used a combination of dummies from Ryan and Rose, and Tommee Tippee.

Dockatot. Essentially this is a deluxe newborn lounger. At first, I wasn’t sold on the value of this item but had seen it highly recommend on so many YouTube channels it wasn’t funny. So I bit the proverbial bullet and got one. I am so glad I decided to. We use our Dockatot constantly. You can move it between rooms easily, pop it on the bed or lounge or take it traveling. The cover is removable and machine washable, and you can choose from tonnes of different prints depending on your baby's style. We simply couldn’t do life without ours!

Gripe water and infacol. These are excellent to have on hand if you find yourself with a colicky baby in the early hours of the morning. We have been in the habit of using grip water daily and infacol if our little one is showing colicky signs that particular day. If you do some reading around colic, you’ll see these products are highly recommended for prevention and treatment. We use the Corams Gripe Water from Woolworths and Infacol from Chemist Warehouse.

Thermos. Perplexed yet? Yes, this is a newborn must-have for me! Keeping milk warm on the go is hard without an insulated bag. Keeping it cool is hard because you need to carry ice bricks. Both options leave you on a milk-spoiling timer from the second you leave the house. After trying and failing multiple methods of milk transport for our baby when out and about, we finally came to a solution that worked for us. We simply take the right amount of scoops of formula with a bottle and fill a thermos with warm boiled water. The water stays warm for a very long time (like a trip to the Sunshine Coast and back, long time), meaning we had bottles ready any time, anywhere. 

Comotomo bottles. These are a saving grace. They’re medical-grade silicone bottles, designed to be soft to the touch and natural to imitate breastfeeding. They also come with anti-colic vents. The quality is next to none. We bought 4 of the 150ml size and 4 of the 250ml size in a value bundle that includes natural teething rings. If you can afford the splurge, I highly recommend these bottles to all parents!

UppaBaby Vista V2. Okay, this is basically like driving the Audi of prams in my opinion. It’s so lightweight, meaning I can lift and load it into the back of the car one-handed. It folds very compactly for a stroller and is so easy to put together. No rocket science degree is required. It comes with a bassinet attachment, so your little one can enjoy a proper bed-like setting as you wheel about the shopping center. I love that it has a large basket underneath that fits a nappy bag and groceries at the same time. It is a dual attachment pram, so you can have two seats attached for two babies. We decided to get some additional attachments like the carry organizer to hang from the front (very handy for storing phone, glasses, wallet, and keys) and the drink holder. What I love, even more, is that you can pair a car capsule with this pram. We purchased the Joie, which can be taken out of the car and clicked right onto the pram itself - so handy if your baby is sleeping or you forget the bassinet attachment! You will require different adapters for this, but it’s very quick and simple to achieve. The price tag is a little weighty, but I truly do think it’s worth every cent. There’s nothing I don’t love about this pram honestly.

Water wipes. Yes, quite literally how it sounds, wipes that are 99% water. I wasn’t sure initially if these were worth the purchase, but after trying many different baby wipes on the market, I keep coming back to these. They’re soft, delicate, and very natural for your baby’s skin. There are heaps of alternatives that are similar, I just prefer these in particular. 

Egg night light. This is again something I didn’t think about before our baby was born. I had to buy this and wait for it to be shipped for the first few weeks she was home, meaning I was awkwardly using my harsh phone light for feeds in the middle of the night. The egg night light is touch-controlled, comes with a charging base station and various light colors and modes. It can be lifted from the base station and carried around like a torch too. I highly recommend this so you don’t disturb your partner or stimulate the baby too much during the night feeds!

Aroma snooze. As I mentioned, we have a winter baby. It’s been so cold and she has been extremely congested (which is so stressful). After reading heaps of reviews, we decided to purchase the aroma snooze. It’s a 6-in-1 device that serves as a humidifier, oil diffuser, sound, and red light therapy. I didn’t realize that red lights have been linked to increased secretion of melatonin, who would have thought! I have mine sitting on the bedside table, a few meters from bub's bassinet. I turn it on every nap time. We bought ours in a kit with two essential oils, of which I highly recommend the Winter Rescue Remedy.

Konny Baby carrier and Baby Bjorn carrier. If you haven't reached the stage yet where your baby wants to be held nineteen hours of the day, then prepare yourself because it's likely on its way. There are some days where my little one will not have a bar of being put down, even if it is so I can inhale a bowl of cereal or brush my teeth. I preemptively purchased a Konny Baby Carrier for this exact reason, and it's been a lifesaver. For longer, more strenuous walks, I would highly recommend the Baby Bjorn Carrier. Its mesh, breathable and lightweight, yet supportive.

The SNOO - Smart Bassinet. This is a must-have in every sense of the word! I was somewhat skeptical about this bassinet for quite a while but eventually was persuaded by hubby that we needed it. It has glowing reviews online, but for the price tag, I was a little anxious it would not be worth the dough. I can now say it is indeed worth every cent spent. We bought ours outright, however you can opt to rent it if this works more in your favour. Simply connect to the app, place baby in the smart sleep swaddle, and press the on button. It rocks and sways baby side to side to soothe them, and will vary in intensity depending on the baby's activity or cries throughout the night. The SNOO will automatically turn itself off after 10 minutes of being activated on its highest setting. We love how intuitive this bassinet is, which gives us peace of mind that she can be soothed all night long. Check the SNOO out if you are interested.

Find some YouTube Mum Vloggers and ASMRtists that you vibe with. Even if you are newly pregnant, I would suggest finding yourself a couple of Mum Vloggers on Youtube that you can follow. They generally review products, compile must-have lists, and what's in my bag videos. They often have great ideas that you might not have thought of yourself. Aside from that, they can be truly entertaining and relatable. My personal favourite Mum Vlogger is Aaryn Williams.

ASMR is also all the rage right now. I have been watching ASMR videos for about six years now and have grown so dependent on these videos for relaxation. If you don’t know what ASMR is, maybe have a google or search a video. My personal favorite is the Queen of ASMR herself - Gentle Whispering.

I hope you have enjoyed this read! Reach out on social media if you'd like to chat more 🙂

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